Patch Notes 13 Dec 2018

  • If your side is outnumbered (>100% AAO), you will be informed no matter which zone you are in
  • Player (/3) across realms is now no longer available

Patch Notes 22 Nov 2018

Career & Combat

White Lion

  • Pounce will no longer deal AoE damage

Witch Hunter

  • Bullets can no longer be fired while stealthed


  • Kisses can no longer be blown while stealthed


  • Path of Changing: Switched the position of Dissolving Mist and Indigo Fire of Change. Dissolving Mist is now correctly located at 13 points and Indigo Fire of Change at 9 points.


  • Don't Hate Da Choppa is now available at Rank 15 instead of 33
  • Don't Wanna Live Foreva is now available at Rank 33 instead of 15

Knight of the Blazing Sun

  • The 2h requirement of Encouraged Aim has been removed

Patch Notes 19 Nov 2018

Reworked Zone Flip rewards

Patch Notes 16 Nov 2018

All crest weapons and set gear from vendors apart from boots and gloves should now be salvageable, as per 1.4.8

Patch Notes 12 Nov 2018

  • Riposte will no longer scale with strength or rage
  • Riposte will now only hit once per second according to its live implementation
  • Taunt Stacks will now be removed per DoT Tick to match the live implementation
  • Taunt Stacks will no longer be removed on successful defense
  • Removed all experimental modes of RoR
  • Improved Instancing
  • Bugfixed lockouts
  • Fixed an issue with Bleed Em Out dealing little to no damage
Witch Hunter
  • Openers are no longer undefendable
  • Bullet duration has been lowered from 60 min to 30 min
  • Openers are no longer undefendable
  • Kiss duration has been lowered from 60 min to 30 min
Black Guard
  • Removed the cooldown reduction on Exile that has been related to 2h use. The Cooldown of Exile for both weapon types is set to 20s
  • Fixed the armor penetration of Murderous Wrath
  • Waaagh! Frenzy will now only heal your defensive target and do what its tooltip state
  • Expanded Control does now work
White Lion
  • The heal of Nature's Bond will now match its tooltip and no longer provide more heal than it should
  • Leonine Frenzy can now critically hit
  • Stalker does now work

Patch Notes 11 Nov 2018

  • Conq stat fix for IB kladgird
  • Invader 6 piece stat fix

Patch Notes 05 Nov 2018

Combat and Career changes

  • Drain Magic will now steal 60 AP each 3 seconds instead of 20 AP every second
  • Energy of Vaul will now only heal the Archemage or its passive target
  • The experimental mode of RoR for Balance Essence has been removed
  • Shaman
  • Yer Not So Bad will now steal 60 AP each 3 seconds instead of 20 AP every second
  • Fury of da Green will now only heal the Shaman or its passive target
  • The experimental mode of RoR for I'll take that has been removed
  • Disciple of Khaine
  • Refreshing Radiance has a 25% chance to restore 50 AP per each heal instead of granting a morale push to Restore Essence.
  • The internal cooldown of covenants has been removed
  • Efficient Patching now purges both the group and the DoK
  • Essence Lash will now build 45 RF without hitting an enemy plus an additional 15 RF per enemy hit.
  • Warrior Priest
  • The internal cooldown of prayers has been removed
  • Cleansing Power now purges both the group and the warrior priest
  • Smite will now build 45 RF without hitting an enemy plus an additional 15 RF per enemy hit.
  • Magus
  • Chaotic Rifts range has been increased to 75 feet to match its tooltip
  • Surging Power will no longer affect Flickering Red Fire
  • Engineer
  • Electromagnets range has been increased to 75 feet to match its tooltip
  • Improvised Upgrades does now correctly stack with Unshakable Focus and should double your damage, regardless how many stacks you have
  • Shadow Warrior
  • Wrist Slash does no longer stack with other Initiative debuffs
  • Leading Shots will now increase the chance to critically hit by 15% instead of 8%
  • Marauder
  • The debuff component of Debilitate is now classified "Damaging" instead of "Ailment"
  • Swordmaster
  • Heaven's Blade will no longer refresh itself
  • Potent Enchantments will no longer refresh itself
  • Wall of darting steel will no longer critically hit and can be defended against
  • Wall of darting steel will now trigger blade enchantments
  • Zealot
  • Mirror of Madness will now trigger on heal cast instead of heal received and its internal cooldown has been removed
  • Bright Wizard
  • Embrace the Flames will now buff morale according to its tooltip: 200 points of morale per critical hit. The internal cooldown is set to 3s
  • Chosen
  • Ravages damage has been toned down a bit
  • Power from the Gods will now correctly regen AP within the global cooldown
  • Knight of the Blazing Sun
  • Bellow Commands will now correctly regen AP within the global cooldown
  • Squig Herder
  • Spikesquig range now 100
  • Global
  • Challenge now works
  • Deep water fire outside of LV fixed
  • Lost Vale
  • Fixed instancing and lockout issues
  • Patch Notes 03 Nov 2018

    Dungeon changes

    (Simple) Lost Vale
      The Left Wing is now released with the old bosses. But be on zour guard, thez dont always behave like the live bosses.
    • Loot - Darkpromise, Lost Vale Weapons and also Offhands
    • Lockout is 18 hours - lockout is now lockout from loot, not bosses (you're not getting loot but you're able to help at the bosses)

    Patch Notes 31 Oct 2018

    Combat and Career changes

    Engineer / Magus
    • Reduced max stacks from pet/turrent from 8 to 5
    • Reduced increased damage per stack from pet/turrent from 5% to 4%

    Patch Notes 30 Oct 2018

    Overall combat change

    • dots no longer dismount the player


    • You can now purchase 2 cannon and 2 artillery to attack an enemy's keep

    Renown Abilities

    • Hardy Concessions implemented
    • Improved Flee implemented

    Combat and Career changes

    • The uptime of Crimson Death has been reduced from 10 to 5 seconds.
    • Force of Fury will now only apply to the Black Guard
    • Elite Training will no longer provide disrupt and only affect the blackguard himself
    • The duration of Daemonic Infestation has been reduced from 5 to 3 seconds
    • Blue Horrors cooldown of Warping Energy is now back to 5 seconds instead of 2 seconds.
    • Lasting Chaos now provides AP to everyone around incl. the magus
    • Magical Infusion and Shrug it Off will no longer provide a heal blessing
    • Ere We Go now stacks to a maximum of 6 when casted by multiple shamans, instead of 2.
    • Wrecking Ball will no longer deal twice the dmg of its tooltip
    White Lion
    • Whirling Axe will no longer deal twice the dmg of its tooltip
    • The Gun Turrets Machine Gun will now deal 50% less damage but hits twice as often
    • The CoolDown of Flame Turrets Flamethrower is now set to 5 seconds, up from 2 seconds.
    • Extra Ammo now provides AP to everyone around including the engineer
    Warrior Priest
    • Sigmars Shield now correctly lasts for 20 seconds and drains RF on being hit rather than per second. The costs have been increased from 15 to 20 RF per hit.
    • Hammer of Sigmar no longer requires a 2h hammer to use
    • Sigmar's Grace now has its Range increased from 30f to 100f
    Diciple of Khaine
    • The duration of Thousand and One Dark Blessings is reduced from 30s to 10s
    • The duration of Mountain Spirit is reduced from 30s to 10s
    • Rune of Battle's cooldown has been increased to 60s up from 20s
    • Rampage now works as expected
    • Mirror of Madness can no longer be cast on the move
    • Sever Blessing is now undefendable
    • Sprout Carapce moved back to Path of Corruption 15 points
    • Sever Blessing is now undefendable
    • Gromril Plating now only affects the Ironbreaker instead of his group
    • Eeeek! will no longer punt the Shaman
    Knight of the Blazing Sun
    • Destroy Confidence does now work
    • The range of Shatter Confidence has been increased from 5f to 65f as per tooltip
    Bright Wizard
    • Crown of Fire does now work as it should and only affects the Bright Wizard
    • Frozen Touch's damage was brought back to its original value and Frozen Fury will now only affect the Sorc itself.

    Patch Notes 21 Oct 2018

    • Reworked Rams and Siege equipment. You can only have one ram in play at any time, and that ram must be spawned at your friendly keep and towed to the enemy keep
    • Fixed Surging Pain and Scorched Earth. These abilities now consume Dark Magic / Combustion.
    • Patch:Using Ram will remove the Ram from your inventory (ie it is consumed)

    Hello Apocalypse Community!

    It’s been too long since we’ve sent out a status update on the project, and direction update so we apologize for that. Over the last many weeks and months, the team has been heads down working on an array of updates for this game of War that we all love. It has been an exciting several months since launch! Many advancements in terms of the overall game have been made, but most importantly as a management team we have learned many things regarding the community and appreciate all the feedback/support you have all been providing us.

    Here is what we are currently working on:
    • Lost Vale Left wing – Nearing completion
    • Scenario – Surprise SC event for the community
    • New Major Boss event – Secret
    • Encounter creation system
    • New Forums – Nearing completion
    • RVR Rewards and bounty – Delivered but needs to be refined
    • 2D/3D weapons project – This is actively underway. The team is creating new weapons with new appearances to be released soon
    • Ability Damage reverted to pure 1.4.8 – Nearing Completion
    • Balance team analyzing abilities to be reverted to 1.4.8 – Underway

    Regarding the recent RVR rewards system. This has been long in the making with a very strenuous amount of effort put in by the developers. Consider the release so far as a beta of the rewards system. We are working on the issues that we have already run into, and once it is completely stabilized we will be refining what rewards are given.

    Also, regarding the push to 1.4.8, the reason for this is to provide the most accurate baseline/foundation for the future of the game. The current client version is truly 1.4.8, so we are getting everything back to what the client is looking for, and then moving forward from there.

    Following the completion of these major projects, the team will be taking a step back to focus on Community/Player Quality of Life Changes. Bug fixes, New Player Experience, In-game progression, RvR Progression, Player life cycle (Mapping out what a player will be doing for an entire year), New launcher fully utilizing our API integration, Art team focus on creating new weapon designs, the true reversion of abilities to 1.4.8, and internal tools to make development of projects much easier. Most Importantly we will be taking a step back to focus on YOU, the community! We will be sending out a survey soon looking for feedback on what we can be doing better, and what we can be doing to keep you in the game that we all love. The largest part of our mission is to not only restore the true feel of the game we love, but also keep it driven for the community and by the community.

    Patch Notes 18 Oct 2018

    • Increased Zone Flip RP
    • Fixed bug where players out of zone, yet eligible for bag rewards were stopping others in zone from getting those rewards

    Patch Notes 17 Oct 2018

    • Minor balancing changes to zone flip rewards - more to come in this area
    • Purple Jewelry is now unique equipped

    Patch Notes 16 Oct 2018

    • Zone flips now drop bags! In addition to being eligible for normal rewards, take part in assaulting OR defending the keep to have a chance at loot bags on zone flip. This is stage one of some of our RVR changes to bring us closer to that Live experience.
    • Some special loot bags contain Invader Crests that can be redeemed in your capital city (talk to Ananke Darkweaver or Joachim Schonburg-Clauchau)

    Patch Notes 13 Oct 2018

    • New scenario rotation : Gates of Ekrund, Mourkain Temple, Nordenwatch, Maw of Madness, Reikland Factory, Caledor Woods
    • Updated Corrosion to reduce armor by 1500

    Patch Notes 8 Oct 2018

    • Fixed renown lost last night for some accounts
    • Keep doors, lords and champions are now less strong in low VP situations

    RR Gain / Level changes

    As Indor mentioned a few weeks ago, we've been reviewing the RR gains within Apoc, and have made a few more adjustments to the RP gain curve. The changes are now more gradual, rather than being stagged on the 10 RR level boundary.
    Low level characters will gain quickly, but that rate will slow as they head into the late 30s, 40s.
    We'll keep an eye on the progression and how quickly/slowly RR gain is occuring over the coming days.
    Edit - rolled changes back. We believe the large gains were mainly a visual bug, but we'll double check.

    Patch Notes 06 Oct 2018

    • Fix for dead / naked on new character creation
    • Fixed issue with RR gain post RR 40
    • New SC rotation : Gates of Ekrund, Mourkain Temple, Battle For Praag, Reikland Factory,Tor Anroc

    Patch Notes 03 Oct 2018

    • Quitter debuff removed from scenarios
    • Gates of Ekrund SC fix (quest giver now gives rewards)
    • Declare Anathema stagger changed to 3s

    The renown cap has been raised to 80!

    Over the last several weeks and months we have been really working on the game foundation and dialing in on progression.

    We are also excited to announce that we will be releasing a new PVP scenario in the very near future. We also have a hidden GEM of an addition coming that we believe everyone with really enjoy, tied directly to a Live Event!

    A version of Left wing Lost Vale is nearing completion, and should be released in the upcoming weeks. With the release of LV, Dark Promise gear will now be available to everyone.

    Our internal 3D/2D design team has also been actively working on new weapons / weapon skins to release to the game that will be coming along with other graphical updates!

    The ORVR reward system overhaul is nearing completion. Ikthaleon and his team has been furiously working to refine the reward mechanics. This includes Invader crests coming from keeps that can be exchanged for items, pots, other gear, renown, and influence.

    Patch Notes 26 Sep 2018

    • .getstats should work for normal players (was previously set for GM use)
    • potion of fame will be available on new toons (25% RR bonus for 7 days)
    • KOBTS Annihilator stat fix
    • Halved T1 rewards for zone flips

    Server migration!

    We have moved our server to it's final home. Please go here for more information.

    Patch Notes 16 SEP 2018

    • Ironbreaker: Watch an' Learn will now correctly apply buffs
    • Knockdowns fixed(and crown of fire tactic)
    • Class restricitons removed from Ravener and Wisp gear
    • /stuck will no longer get you out of combat (or away from that 6 man about to pounce you)