Patch Notes 13 Oct 2018

  • New scenario rotation : Gates of Ekrund, Mourkain Temple, Nordenwatch, Maw of Madness, Reikland Factory, Caledor Woods
  • Updated Corrosion to reduce armor by 1500

Patch Notes 8 Oct 2018

  • Fixed renown lost last night for some accounts
  • Keep doors, lords and champions are now less strong in low VP situations

RR Gain / Level changes

As Indor mentioned a few weeks ago, we've been reviewing the RR gains within Apoc, and have made a few more adjustments to the RP gain curve. The changes are now more gradual, rather than being stagged on the 10 RR level boundary.
Low level characters will gain quickly, but that rate will slow as they head into the late 30s, 40s.
We'll keep an eye on the progression and how quickly/slowly RR gain is occuring over the coming days.
Edit - rolled changes back. We believe the large gains were mainly a visual bug, but we'll double check.

Patch Notes 06 Oct 2018

  • Fix for dead / naked on new character creation
  • Fixed issue with RR gain post RR 40
  • New SC rotation : Gates of Ekrund, Mourkain Temple, Battle For Praag, Reikland Factory,Tor Anroc

Patch Notes 03 Oct 2018

  • Quitter debuff removed from scenarios
  • Gates of Ekrund SC fix (quest giver now gives rewards)
  • Declare Anathema stagger changed to 3s

The renown cap has been raised to 80!

Over the last several weeks and months we have been really working on the game foundation and dialing in on progression.

We are also excited to announce that we will be releasing a new PVP scenario in the very near future. We also have a hidden GEM of an addition coming that we believe everyone with really enjoy, tied directly to a Live Event!

A version of Left wing Lost Vale is nearing completion, and should be released in the upcoming weeks. With the release of LV, Dark Promise gear will now be available to everyone.

Our internal 3D/2D design team has also been actively working on new weapons / weapon skins to release to the game that will be coming along with other graphical updates!

The ORVR reward system overhaul is nearing completion. Ikthaleon and his team has been furiously working to refine the reward mechanics. This includes Invader crests coming from keeps that can be exchanged for items, pots, other gear, renown, and influence.

Patch Notes 26 Sep 2018

  • .getstats should work for normal players (was previously set for GM use)
  • potion of fame will be available on new toons (25% RR bonus for 7 days)
  • KOBTS Annihilator stat fix
  • Halved T1 rewards for zone flips

Server migration!

We have moved our server to it's final home. Please go here for more information.

Patch Notes 16 SEP 2018

  • Ironbreaker: Watch an' Learn will now correctly apply buffs
  • Knockdowns fixed(and crown of fire tactic)
  • Class restricitons removed from Ravener and Wisp gear
  • /stuck will no longer get you out of combat (or away from that 6 man about to pounce you)